Customer Stories


Jenn Lisa of DK New Media

Jenn Lisak

Director of Content Strategies,
DK New Media // Indiana, USA
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Edna Campos

Edna Campos

Social Media Coach and
Consultant // Mérida, México
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Pamela Hilliard of Writing It Right For You

Pamela Hilliard

CEO of Writing It Right For
You // Michigan, USA
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Kelly Robertson of Cloudburst Marketing

Kelly Robertson

Founder of Cloudburst Marketing
Inc. // Vancouver, British Columbia
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Sarah Hicks of SLD

Sarah Hicks

Designer & Owner of SLD // Eau Claire, WI, USA
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Holly Clark of Candour

Holly Clark

Principal + Creative Director,
at Candour  // Michigan, USA
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John Smulo of Purple Cow

John Smulo

Owner of Purple Cow
Agency // California, USA
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Bob Jones of Visible

Bob Jones

Founder of Visible // Perth, WA
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Tony Calhoun of Creative Net FX

Tony Calhoun

Founder of Creative Net FX // Bluffton, South Carolina USA
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Lee Goldberg of Vector Media Group

Lee Goldberg

Co-Founder & President at Vector Media Group, Inc. // New York
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Lori Highby of Keystone Click

Lori Highby

President/Owner at Keystone
Click // Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Angelo Dodaro of Multivitamin Media

Angelo Dodaro

Co-founder/CEO at Multivitamin
Media // Toronto
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Anatoly Nirshberg of ParadigmNext

Anatoly Nirshberg

Marketing, Innovation & New Venture Consultant at ParadigmNEXT
Inc. // Chicago
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Sam Shrimpton of Idenna Creative Agency

Sam Shrimpton

Project Manager at Idenna Creative Agency // Cornwall, UK
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Michelle Shropshire-Morley of iHeartLocal

Michelle Shopshire-Morley

Director of Marketing at
iHeartLocal // Irvine, California
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Alicia Lauren Williams of Aliste Marketing

Alicia Lauren Williams

Marketing & Social Media Specialist at Aliste Marketing, Inc. // Massachusetts
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Dawn Fields of Your First Mud Run

Dawn Fields

Founder of Your First Mud Run // Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Jim Moorman of Capital Content

Jim Moorman

Owner of Capital Content // Cleveland, Ohio
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Kendra Beavis, Founder of Moka Graphics

Kendra Beavis

Founder of Moka Graphics // Long Island, New York
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Rebekh and Nathan, NW & Associates

Rebekah Dull and Nathan Websters

Founders of NW & Associates, LLC // Vancouver, Washington
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Chris from Drumbeat Marketing

Chris Allbones

Director at drumBEAT Marketing // Lincolnshire, UK
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Allie Yaldezian, Director of Operations at Elevate my Brand

Allie Yaldezian

Director of Operations at Elevate my Brand // Los Angeles
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Diana Robbins from Rancho Valencia

Diana Robbins

Creative Director at Rancho Valencia // Rancho Santa Fe, California
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Justin Wong, Digital Strategist at Curve Comminucations

Justin Wong

Digital Strategist at Curve Communications // Vancouver, BC
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Monica Keith from Colby College

Monica Keith

Director of Advancement Operations at Colby College // Waterville, Maine
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Barbara Merlo, Central Texas College

Barbara Merlo

Director of Marketing & Outreach at Central Texas College // Killeen, Texas
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Sandy Cummings, High Desert Museum

Sandy Cummings

Sandy Cummings of High Desert Museum // Bend, Oregon, USA
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Simon Bateman of Social Disrupt

Simon Bateman

Managing Director of Social Disrupt // London, UK
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Brian Lundberg of McPherson College

Brian Lundberg

Director of Marketing at McPherson College // McPherson, KS
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Sean Campbell of Cascade Insights

Sean Campbell

CEO at Cascade Insights // Portland, OR
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Kristen Skunza of ESG

Kristen Skunza

Director of Marketing at ESG //
Cincinnati, OH
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Joe of VillaGaiety


Head of Marketing at VillaGaiety // Douglas, Isle of Man
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Dr. Gustaaf Wolvaardt of FPD

Dr. Gustaaf Wolvaardt

MD of FPD// Pretoria, South Africa
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