Work @ Brightpod

Jobs at Brightpod

We are a small boutique web software company that believes in making clean, easy to use 
and feature-rich software that seamlessly integrates into peoples work life. Brightpod is a growing cloud web app for marketing teams/ agencies used in over 95 countries.

‍Brightpod Workspace

We value good design, clean code, quiet time and work-life balance. We don’t have managers and hence expect each team member to be self-motivated (absolutely no babysitting).  Brightpod is for someone who loves to work in a quiet environment. If you are looking for in-office games and loud water-cooler moments then Brightpod is not the place for you.

Remote Work
We are open to you working from anywhere as long as you can communicate well, have a quiet place to work and a decent internet connection.

Content Cruncher

  • You love to write.
  • You dream of telling stories.
  • You love researching a topic.
  • You love to simplify concepts.

At Brightpod we love content and inbound marketing. It's a core part of our marketing strategy and we're looking to expand our team. You can see it in action on our blog.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  1. Writing content for our blog.
  2. Guest post and comment on other similar blogs and content sites.
  3. Contact bloggers to get Brightpod reviewed.
  4. Actively promote top content via social networks.
  5. Work closely with our team to come up with great ideas on how to improve our content marketing strategy

What you get by joining our team:

  1. Work in a close-knit environment that believes in nurturing and zero politics.
  2. Have a good work-life balance.
  3. Experiment with different marketing/content strategies.