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12 Best Tools to Improve Productivity in Your Writing Business

March 8, 2016

Finding your productivity as a writer is sometimes the hardest thing in the world. And when it’s your business to write, you need to find ways to deal with the occasional bouts of writer’s block and lack of inspiration. These websites can help you stay productive even on your least productive days.

1. Correctica

Correctica will scan your entire document to find grammatical errors. Nothing can replace a human editor, but Correctica will let you double check the grammar before publishing.

2. 750 Words

Writers know the importance of writing every day. 750 Words gives you a platform to write whatever is running through your mind. The website turns the daily practice into a game by awarding points for each day you write 750 words or more.

3. NinjaEssays

NinjaEssays can help with any writing project you have. Hire the professional team of writers to edit, proofread, or format your blogs, articles, or essays. If you’d prefer, they can write them for you instead.

4. FactBrowser

Need to fact check while writing? Use FactBrowser. The database includes sources the web for studies, journal articles, statistics, graphs, and more.

5. Plagiarism Checker

Use PlagTracker to find any instances of plagiarism in your writing. Either rewrite these sections yourself or let PlagTracker write them for you to make them completely original.

6. Daily Page

Daily Page is a convenient website that helps you combat writer’s block. The website emails you a writing prompt every morning, and you have until the rest of the day to complete the prompt.

7. Twords

Twords is an app that reminds you when you haven’t written anything in a while. Think of it as a little annoying friend that taps you on the shoulder and holds you accountable to your writing goals. Attach the app to your blog to make sure you post frequently.

8. Coffitivity

Does a quiet office drive you crazy? Coffitivity brings the sounds of a buzzing coffee house to you without the distractions of actual people or having to use someone else’s Internet.

9. oTranscribe

Does part of your writing include transcribing? If so, oTranscribe is about to make that process much easier. Just upload the audio file and oTranscribe will do the work. You may have to brush it up a little, but you’ll save a lot of time in the end.

10. AtomicWriter

Atomic Writer analyzes your writing and makes sure it is suitable for your target audience. You need only to hook it up to your existing social media profiles. Atomic Writer will scan your historical data and engagement with your followers and tell you whether or not to proceed with your post.

11. TwinwordWriter

Twinword Writer is an app that integrates with your writing platform. If it notices that you have paused because you are stuck on a word, it will give word suggestions based on your writing up to that point.

12. Help Me Write

Help Me Write is a fun tool to help you come up with writing ideas while also engaging your audience. Simply create a Help Me Write profile and include a list of potential topics you’d like to write about. Then share the profile with your Twitter and Facebook followers and let them vote on their favorites. You’ll gain valuable insight and accountability.

These useful tools and websites can keep your writing on track so you can be as productive as possible. Consider them your personal assistants in your writing business. The only question remaining now is which one will you use first?

Robert Morris has seven years of experience in content marketing. He is a writer and visual content designer from NYC. He loves yoga and eLearning. Follow Robert on Google+.

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