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Content Marketing

9 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic By Updating Your Content
Marie Fincher
May 14, 2019
Believe it or not, your old posts can be the answer to your blog's traffic. If you know how to bring them back to life, you’ll be expecting a significant boost in your blog’s number of daily visitors real soon.
5 Myths About Business Writing You Probably Still Believe
Josh Carlyle
October 24, 2018
All press releases, newsletters, and even emails that your company releases and sends out represent your company and brand. If this content isn’t polished, you risk confusing your customers and damaging the reputation of your company.
How To Recycle And Reuse Your Old Content
Shanna Mallon
July 2, 2018
If you’re like a lot of brands, your blog archives are a treasure trove of valuable information and resources. The only problem? They’re buried on back pages that no one sees.
10 Content Formatting Tweaks to Increase the Average On-Page Time
Sophia Anderson
May 23, 2017
One of the most important aspects of running your own website (and online business for that matter) is the average on-page time a user spends browsing the pa...
Collaborative Content Marketing and Why You Should Try It
Janice Kersh
April 18, 2017
Your workload is heavy; it’s so heavy that you often wonder how you get things done. In the world of online promotions, there is an industry secret that th...
9 Marketing Tips to Improve Your Business Content
Jessica Freeman
April 11, 2017
Excellent writing is a crucial skill that every business professional must possess in order to properly convey concepts and ideas as part of their marketing ...
Here’s How You Should Be Optimizing All Your Brand’s Content
Meeta Sharma
February 7, 2017
It’s been half a decade since I have been on the content side of marketing, consuming and creating a whole wad of it day in and day out. It’s a challengi...
7 Gaps to Fix Your Content Marketing Strategy
December 27, 2016
In marketing, you need to plan every single detail of your strategy before actually proceeding to the execution of the plan. But there are always those littl...
The Business Side of Content
June 7, 2016
The idea of writing ‘content for business’ seems like a prettier definition of what an advertorial is. But that’s not quite what my recent experience t...
7 Types of Visual Content You Need in Your Marketing Campaigns
May 31, 2016
Content marketing is not going anywhere, so it is in your interest to take a second look at your digital marketing strategy right now and spice it up with so...
Newsletters: the Oldest New Thing in Content Marketing
March 15, 2016
If you are anything like me, addicted to great content, chances are you have signed up for a gazillion newsletters in the last year or so. And why not. All t...
12 Best Tools to Improve Productivity in Your Writing Business
March 8, 2016
Finding your productivity as a writer is sometimes the hardest thing in the world. And when it’s your business to write, you need to find ways to deal with...
5 Times Your Content Will Fail You
February 16, 2016
Here’s something we all know: That content is great. And every marketer worth his salt knows this pretty loud and clear. It is the age of brand publishing,...
Holiday Marketing 101 for E-commerce Brands
December 1, 2015
As a marketer, if you haven’t started working on your holiday marketing campaigns yet then might we suggest you chug down a few more espressos before you s...
The Secret Behind Creating Super Sticky Content
Meeta Sharma
April 21, 2015
If yours is a brand that strives off of content marketing, you are in dire need of good content ALL THE TIME. (I hear you, mister). But to be fair every brand...
A Marketer’s Guide to Better Blogging
Meeta Sharma
March 10, 2015
While there have been skeptics about this, a blog still remains the most popular source of social engagement. And this isn’t in just my opinion. Co-schedul...
A Simple Guide to Managing Your Content Schedule
Meeta Sharma
January 28, 2015
If you work on the content side of marketing, you know it is not an easy task to manage content calendars and schedules across team members. Unless you are p...
Mastering the Art of Non-Linear Content Creation for Communication Excellence
Meeta Sharma
January 6, 2015
One of the things we are taught as a marketer is that customer is god. (And I am not over stating this). We are made to vest our faith in the belief that wha...
How to Avoid Content Dumpster & Make Your Content Truly Stand Out
Meeta Sharma
December 30, 2014
If you have ever worked on the content side of marketing you know the sheer madness that goes around in that circuit. On one hand are the C-suite folks who c...
Great Marketing Results from Great Storytelling
Meeta Sharma
December 9, 2014
I have a habit of curating things I enjoy reading. And one post I recently re-discovered was a short one written by Seth Godin — the marketing guru him...
7 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Website Traffic
Meeta Sharma
December 2, 2014
Getting a good website traffic going has been (and continues to be) one of the toughest challenges for all online businesses. This impinges on one to constan...
3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Data for Marketing Success
Meeta Sharma
November 18, 2014
From small logistics companies to large marketing mammoths — everybody seems to be obsessed with ‘Big Data’. While some companies have dedicated te...
How to Use Analytics in Digital Marketing
September 30, 2014
Digital marketing is about getting people to view and interact with your digital content. In traditional forms of marketing such as mail, posters, billboards...
How to Win with Content Marketing
Meeta Sharma
August 14, 2014
It’s the latest addition to the digital marketing lexicon but there is nothing quite new about content marketing. It’s only that we have finally acknowle...
15 Must-Have Tools for Content Writers
June 16, 2014
From the outside, our job as content writers looks plenty easy. “You just write, right?” is something we hear on a daily basis. But of course, we all kno...
SEO Myth: Using a Subdomain for Your Blog Is Bad for SEO?
Sahil Parikh
June 10, 2014
Before I left on my trip earlier this month, I came across an article on how it is better to host your blog on a subfolder (e.g. on y...
6 Hacks For Optimizing Your Landing Pages
June 2, 2014
“My landing pages aren’t converting”, “Why is the bounce rate so high for my landing page?”, “Is the PPC campaign a total botch?” — have ...
Six Unique Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Blog
May 20, 2014
In a world of short attention spans and a deluge of content, the competition to get yourself noticed and drive more traffic to your blog is one of the most i...
7 Reasons Why You Should Organise Your Content Marketing Using a Calendar
April 8, 2014
It has to be understood that unlike traditional marketing, priority of content marketing is not selling but a goal of communicating with customers or any aud...
7 File Sharing Services for the Modern Marketer
April 8, 2014
In our ever-connected world, online file-sharing services are essential for any business to operate on a global scale. Sure, email works too, but as it turns...
Marketers — How to Stay on Track With Your Blogging Schedule
March 20, 2014
Creating a blogging schedule is critical for business bloggers because it keeps them on track. Not having a schedule is like jumping into a fire without a pl...
8 Productivity Tools for the Modern Marketer
March 4, 2014
As a freelance content strategist and writer, I have had the glorious advantage of being able to work whenever I want, wherever I want to — the benefit...
6 Key Elements of a Winning Content Marketing Strategy
October 3, 2013
We already know content marketing is key, but then what? A lot of first time adopters plunge into content marketing without a strong strategy to back
5 Email Marketing Tips Every Digital Marketing Company Needs to Know
December 24, 2013
Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to involve reams of different highly specific tips on things like headline length, wor...
Top 9 Metrics Marketers Need to Track on Google Analytics
November 12, 2013
Tracking online success is an important task of every marketer and there is no better option then Google Analytics. Those who are not familiar with this serv...
8 Content Marketing Articles To Help You Fill Up Your Editorial Calendar
August 8, 2013
As a blogger, I’ve experienced the dreaded ‘idea drought’ a few times. You know how it is — You have run out of every idea to create useful conte...
How to Manage your Blogging Efforts with Brightpod
August 1, 2013
As a blogger and marketer myself, I’ve tried and tested various ways to manage my blogging efforts. Recently, while working on the Brightpod blog and talki...
The Ultimate Content Promotion Checklist for Beginners
July 12, 2013
As a content marketer, what do you think are the most important aspects of your job? Content creation, of course, but what else? An oft forgotten but equally...
The Beginners Guide to On Page SEO
June 18, 2013
Search Engine Optimization, due to its constantly changing nature can be difficult to fully understand. Combine this with the different viewpoints many marke...
The Ultimate Guide to Effective Guest Blogging [Free Template]
June 6, 2013
Guest Blogging has been hailed as the holy grail of inbound marketing in recent times. And why shouldn’t it be? Guest blogging helps not only build links b...
How to Manage Content Marketing with an Editorial Calendar [Free Template]
Sahil Parikh
April 26, 2013
As bloggers & content marketers, we’ve all heard about editorial calendars and why any content plan is incomplete without it. Today, I’m going to give...