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9 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic By Updating Your Content
Marie Fincher
May 14, 2019
Believe it or not, your old posts can be the answer to your blog's traffic. If you know how to bring them back to life, you’ll be expecting a significant boost in your blog’s number of daily visitors real soon.
How To Recycle And Reuse Your Old Content
Shanna Mallon
July 2, 2018
If you’re like a lot of brands, your blog archives are a treasure trove of valuable information and resources. The only problem? They’re buried on back pages that no one sees.
How to manage your marketing production pipeline?
Sahil Parikh
April 17, 2018
I woke up to an email from a marketing agency to whether Brightpod can help them manage their marketing production pipeline. So, I decided to write a small article on how marketing teams can use Brightpod from idea to production.
Your Marketing Project Management Process
Sahil Parikh
March 5, 2018
In marketing, there are lots of moving tasks, feedback loops, deliverables, due dates and content pushes etc. How are you to process all of this while still staying sane and making sure your business is growing without putting a strain on your current resources? Our answer...
Welcome to Boost — a Weekly Newsletter From Brightpod
Verus Pereira
August 9, 2017
Welcome to Boost — a Weekly Newsletter From Brightpod Boost is a once a week newsletter from Brightpod, handcrafted for the modern marketer, to he...
These 5 Simple Ideas Will Boost Your Productivity
Ashley Faulkes
May 16, 2017
Simple ideas can change your life. If you are anything like me, you are always looking for the next best thing. And often, the best ideas come from industrie...
Inbound Marketing Is Really Just Storytelling with a Purpose
Meeta Sharma
September 27, 2016
I remember my first job in marketing so well like it was yesterday. I started out as a senior content writer for a food start up that was still in the incuba...
Productivity Conundrum: “Am I Failing Because I Cannot Prioritize?”
May 24, 2016
It was a regular Friday night in the winter of 2015. I was wrapping up my day’s work when my superior called me into a meeting room for a “quick chat”....
8 Reasons Why Multitasking Reduces Your Productivity
November 7, 2013
Multitasking has become a part of our lives. We are doing it all the time. Surfing, watching TV, reading newspapers and having our meal all at the same time...
6 Phenomenal TED Talks To Make You More Productive
July 18, 2013
“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” — Isaac Asimov. Over the years, as a marketer in a tech world, I’ve re...
The Beginners Guide to On Page SEO
June 18, 2013
Search Engine Optimization, due to its constantly changing nature can be difficult to fully understand. Combine this with the different viewpoints many marke...
The Productive Way of Managing Customer Service on Social Media
May 10, 2013
There’s absolutely no escaping it. With a majority of businesses using social media today, customers and users aren’t shy of collaborating with brands us...
A Marketer’s Guide to Speeding up your Website
Sahil Parikh
March 14, 2013
You know this but let me reiterate — your website (or landing page) is your most important asset. It’s the backbone of your business. Whether you run...
Gracious Software
Sahil Parikh
November 20, 2012
As software becomes “everywhere” there is a certain responsibility that we have when designing and developing software. Here, is my list of points or che...

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