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Moving Our Blog From Medium to Webflow (Subdomain to Subfolder)
Sahil Parikh
March 22, 2018
The reason we decided to move our blog from a subdomain on Medium to a subfolder on Webflow. Here's a detailed narration of the entire process along with a useful checklist in case you are planning a similar move.
Coding as a Founder
Sahil Parikh
September 19, 2017
I started my career as a software developer in 2002 after graduating in B.S. Mathematical Sciences/ Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at...
I Found It! New & Improved Brightpod Search
Katie Hrycak
August 21, 2017
Unlike forgetting where you put your keys in the morning, not remembering where you left certain tasks or comments in Brightpod won’t cause you a sense of ...
Add one more feature or else…
Sahil Parikh
August 3, 2017
Any eta on sorting personal tasks, specifically by date? If we can’t have that soon we’ll have to move to another project mgmt platform First thought:
Managing Marketing Requests in Brightpod with Wufoo (and any other form tool)
Sunil Shenoy
November 22, 2016
Marketing teams are very busy — they handle not just one but a bunch of things from website updates, print campaigns, events to online campaign managem...
New Features: Copying Task Lists, Completed Pods and Milestone Page
Sunil Shenoy
August 16, 2016
As always, we squashed plenty of bugs, optimized code, made small tweaks to the UI, and introduced caching to parts of the web application. Here are some new...
New Features: Copying Tasks, Insight Filters, Pod Progress Bar and File Previews
Sunil Shenoy
March 10, 2016
In the last few months we squashed plenty of bugs, re-wrote code, and worked on a lot of improvements in Brightpod. Here are some new features and enhancemen...
Digital Marketing: 4 Unorthodox Places For Audience Insights
September 29, 2015
When searching for tangible, actionable insights about the people you hope to turn into customers, you have to look past the obvious sources and tools. Who a...
New Features: Harvest Time Tracking Integration, Faster Page Loads and Improved Email Notifications…
Sunil Shenoy
September 7, 2015
Here are some new features that we launched this week. Harvest Time Tracking Integration. Harvest is a one of the most popular online services for online tim...
New Features: WYSIWYG Editor, Task Types, Task Status, Re-Designed Task Details, Performance…
Sunil Shenoy
August 13, 2015
It’s been a productive couple of months for us at Brightpod. We have added a bunch of changes to Brightpod. Some of these are visual and the others are beh...
Blogs Marketers Read
January 20, 2015
We interviewed over 50 marketers this year and these are the blogs that they read.
Brightpod Optimised for iPad
Sahil Parikh
September 1, 2014
Now, you will be able to experience the full power of Brightpod on the iPad (including drag & drop and moving things around). We are working on optimisin...
New Feature: Brightpod Insights & Reporting
Sunil Shenoy
July 15, 2014
Over the last year many Brightpod’s customers have requested a reporting feature e.g. “Can I see everything that is done in my project for a given time i...
Your Marketing Kanban Board
Sahil Parikh
July 1, 2014
I met Ryan, one of Brightpod’s customers at a bar last week. He is the marketing lead at a startup and over a few drinks we chatted about his work and how ...
Make Each Day Count. Productivity Hacks in a Project Management Software
Sahil Parikh
May 29, 2014
You might have seen this image. This is the image used on the front page of Brightpod — our project management software for marketing and creative team...
How a Conversation with a Customer Sparked 2 New Features: Me Page + Work Priority List
Sahil Parikh
April 22, 2014
Today, we have revamped the Attention page into the all new Me page (with pretty pie charts). The Me page will display: All Tasks by a person across all his...
5 Invoicing Apps for the Modern Marketer
March 18, 2014
Having an accountant on staff is a luxury that few small businesses or freelancers can afford. In fact, many businesses opt not to have an accountant due to ...
Introducing Brightpod Send — Add tasks, task lists, messages and files via email
Sahil Parikh
February 28, 2014
Like it or not, most of our communication with our team and clients happens via email. Your clients sends you a list of things to do, your designer sends you...
How Brightpod increased visitor to trial signup conversion from 5% to 9.7% in 2 months
Sahil Parikh
February 20, 2014
Researchers found that the brain makes decisions in just a 20th of a second of viewing a webpage. What keeps someone from not signing up for your app? I kept...
Personalizing Guide: Logo, Profile, Project Colors, Kanban Board and Languages
Sahil Parikh
February 6, 2014
I love personalizing the software I use. It makes me feel that I actually own the software and it is built and designed just for me and my team. With that in...
Just in time for 2014 — Introducing Time Tracking
Sahil Parikh
December 30, 2013
By popular demand, we just baked Time Tracking into Brightpod and you are going to love it. Time tracking will help you know how much time is being spent on ...
DK New Media chooses Brightpod for Project Management
Sahil Parikh
October 3, 2013
Thank you Douglas Karr and the team at DK New Media.
Brightpod Update: Move Tasks, Manage Clients, Remove Workflows and more.
Sahil Parikh
September 24, 2013
We have improved Brightpod this month. Here are some small features that we worked on. Move TasksType less and move tasks around to any of your projects.
Meet Our New Editorial Calendar
Sahil Parikh
September 17, 2013
Ever since we started building Brightpod, we had one goal in mind. To make it exceptionally easy and stress-free for marketing teams to plan and collaborate ...
8 Fresh Marketing Statistics a Marketing Agency Needs to Know
September 10, 2013
The digital marketing sphere changes constantly. There are always new technologies, networks or strategies that marketers are applying, with great results. A...
Brightpod is Cloud App of the Day for marketing teams on Appvita
Sahil Parikh
September 5, 2013
Brightpod was Appvita’s Cloud app of the day last month. Thank you Stephanie Miles for such a great review — Brightpod — Putting Marketing Team...
Watch & Learn with Brightpod Tutorial Videos
Sahil Parikh
September 4, 2013
Sit back with a cup of coffee and explore key Brightpod features and benefits by going through our carefully hand-crafted videos (including voice-overs) host...
Brightpod Reviewed on Beautiful Pixels
Sahil Parikh
December 9, 2013
Thank you Khamosh Pathak for taking the time out to review Brightpod — Brightpod is a Collaboration Tool for Marketers. Workflows, along with the simpl...
Recurring Tasks For Digital Marketers
Sahil Parikh
December 7, 2013
“Success is the sum of small efforts — repeated day in and day out.” — Robert Collier. Recurring tasks are tasks that you create once, and the...
Brightpod Reviewed on Small Biz Trends
Sahil Parikh
December 3, 2013
Today, I woke up to about a 100 tweets mentioning Brightpod and a direct message from TJ McCue of Small Biz Trends. Thank you TJ for taking the time out to r...
Brightpod Update: User-interface, Flat Design, Goodbye Posts, Auto-save, Box Integration and more.
Sahil Parikh
October 30, 2013
In October, we were working on some major changes to Brightpod and have published them live this evening. New Updated Interface
The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Toolkit (Slideshare)
October 10, 2013
A Slideshare presentation of the Ultimate Inbound Marketing Toolkit.
How to Configure Brightpod for Retainer Clients
Sahil Parikh
August 14, 2013
Recently, while talking to one of our new users, I came across an interesting question, “How do you configure Brightpod for retainer clients”. Since most...
Video: The New Pod Listing View + Filters
Sahil Parikh
August 7, 2013
In this video I will show you how you can switch between the Pod (project) List view and the Grid view. Yes, we got two different views to suit your style. A...
Updates: Help Centre and Task Description
Sahil Parikh
July 20, 2013
We have been working behind the scenes to make Brightpod better and faster everyday. Last week, we released a couple of improvements to Brightpod. New Help &...
Appstorm Gives Brightpod a 9/10!
Sahil Parikh
July 11, 2013
A few days ago, Brightpod was reviewed by Justin Stravarius of Appstorm. It was a regular day in the office but the review definitely brightened it up :) It...
New Features — Color Swatches, Full Screen, Description & Comments
Sahil Parikh
July 10, 2013
We have made some nice additions to the Task Flow view in the last week. Instead of screenshots I thought I’d create a video to show you: 4 new color swat...
Case Study: Entrepreneur Pamela Hilliard Uses Brightpod to Manage 3 Content Businesses
July 3, 2013
Pamela Hilliard Owens is a freelance writer, blogger, entrepreneur and owner of 3 successful businesses. Writing It Right For You (2008) — An academi...
Best of Digital Marketing — Handpicked for You
June 7, 2013
Another week gone by and I have another set of great posts to spruce up your weekend reading. This week you can read more about 17 Essential Content Template...
The Best of Digital Marketing — Handpicked for You
May 17, 2013
Here is another edition of The Best of Digital Marketing for you all. This week I bring some of the most informative articles I’ve read all week that’ll ...
New Feature: Attach Files from Google Drive
Sahil Parikh
May 2, 2013
Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) is one of the most heavily used apps by our customers and all of us here at Brightpod. If you are on Google Apps then usi...
Marketers Against Repetition: Automate Campaign Planning With Brightpod!
Sahil Parikh
May 9, 2013
As marketers, have you ever felt that a campaign cannot ever truly be classified as a project? I know I have. Marketing tasks are usually ongoing and repeate...
New Features: Filters for Pod listings and better Date formatting
Sahil Parikh
May 2, 2013
Ever since we rolled out the new Pod page redesign last month, a majority of our customers wanted the ability to Filter their Pods (aka projects) by clients...
Blogger Love for Brightpod
Sahil Parikh
April 24, 2013
This last week was a whirlwind for us. Along with our public launch, we also received some fantastic feedback, a wonderful bunch of new, engaged users and so...
From Idea to Launch — The Brightpod Journey
Sahil Parikh
April 17, 2013
Simon Sinek’s book, blog and TED talk was an eye opener for me. Every since I saw his TED talk I have become obsessed with asking myself (and other entrepreneurs I advise) the question — “WHY do you want to do this?”
New Feature — Updated Design for Pods Page
Sahil Parikh
April 15, 2013
We just updated the Pods page design this weekend. This is the first page you see when you sign in. I personally love the color codes that denote that a Pod ...
New Feature — Editorial Calendar
Sahil Parikh
April 15, 2013
An editorial calendar is an essential tool for planning and organising your content for your homepage, blog, micro-site, Twitter or Facebook account.
New Feature: Recurring Tasks
Sahil Parikh
April 8, 2013
Recurring tasks lets you repeat tasks. Create a task followed by “every” and one of the following: day/ week/ month/ year/ Monday/ Tuesday etc.
New Feature: Plan while your colleague is at the beach
Sahil Parikh
April 2, 2013
During the last couple of months we realised that people (including us) invite their colleagues to Brightpod and immediately start planning, delegating etc. ...
New Feature: Task Flow View
Sahil Parikh
January 26, 2013
Brightpod’s Task view has 2 options now. One is a LIST view and the other a FLOW view (below). You are free to switch between them. Within the Flow view yo...
Interface First, Program Later
Sahil Parikh
March 11, 2013
If you have been reading web development articles since long, you might have read this title before. Interface first and program later as a practice has been...
New Feature: Add stuff from Dropbox
Sahil Parikh
January 23, 2013
The other day I was sharing a few files with my collegues at work. I added a new task and then used the File Upload option to update it with a new logo that ...
New Feature: Quick Views
Sahil Parikh
January 21, 2013
One of my favorite features/enhancement has been released a few days back. When I used to use Brightpod to manage our work, I told our dev dude that somethin...
Simple keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster
Sahil Parikh
January 20, 2013
Some of us here love keyboard shortcuts for common tasks especially when we use Gmail. Hence, we thought of building a few keywboard shortcuts within Brightp...
Gracious Software
Sahil Parikh
November 20, 2012
As software becomes “everywhere” there is a certain responsibility that we have when designing and developing software. Here, is my list of points or che...