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Top 9 Marketing Blogs for 2018
Verus Pereira
March 27, 2018
We interviewed over 150 marketers to understand the tips and tricks to their productivity and how they manage to bring their marketing A game to work every day. We compiled all that data together and here’s a list of their top blogs they religiously follow and read every day.
How to Create Your First Influencer Marketing Strategy
Lori Wade
February 27, 2018
Businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. If you've never tried it and you want to engage in it, the following tactics will assist you in creating your first influencer marketing strategy.
4 Killer Tips to Build Remarketing Campaigns That Deliver Results
Justin Osborne
February 13, 2018
In today’s post, we’re giving you many insightful tips and tricks that’ll help you build killer remarketing campaigns that will always deliver results. Pay attention and apply!
5 Technical Skills Every Digital Marketer Must Master This Year
Meeta Sharma
January 9, 2018
2018 has arrived and it’s perhaps tactful to get a little reflective, examine the happenings and the marketing trends of the year before and draw out some learnings for the year ahead.
3 Keys to Understanding Customers
Katie Hrycak
January 2, 2018
In order to understand, empathize, and ultimately stay in touch with customers, I often feel very silly for having to remind myself of 3 simple keys.
Digital Marketing Courses Every Marketer Should Take
Natasha Sahjwani
November 28, 2017
If you are a digital marketer or aspire to be one, these courses are ones to take note of…Digital marketing is slowly becoming one of the most in-deman...
How These Five Competitive Forces Can Shape Your Strategy
Natasha Sahjwani
November 7, 2017
Facing the threat and coping with competition is the basics of any long-term business strategy. But, how do you determ...
Creating Blue Oceans: How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant
Natasha Sahjwani
September 26, 2017
Marketing Unraveled: in this series we break down modern marketing strategies and techniques through examples so that you can elevate your efforts. Let�...
Lets Talk About Notifications
Sunil Shenoy
September 12, 2017
I am on my way back to Mumbai from a much needed break. I spent the last week travelling across Malaysia and trying out al...
The Era of Disruptive Innovation and Milkshake Marketing
Natasha Sahjwani
September 6, 2017
Marketing Unraveled: in this series we break down modern marketing strategies and techniques through examples so that you can elevate your efforts.
5 Reasons Why Knowledge Management Fails in the Marketing Team
Robin Singh
August 22, 2017
Knowledge management has emerged as a panacea for improving business growth for most modern organizations. In fact, a lot of businesses have started using sp...
9 Superhero Skills Marketers Need to Possess to Impress Every Hiring Manager
Jake Lester
April 4, 2017
The skills you need in order to get a position in marketing may differ a little for each company. But these basic ones will certainly help you succeed in any...
6 Better Marketing Tools for More Advanced Marketing Campaigns
Tiffany Rowe
March 28, 2017
Every marketer knows about Hootsuite and Buffer, Google Analytics and BuzzSumo. These tools are essential for entrepreneurs or marketers who are developing t...
6 E-Commerce Growth Hacking Tips You Can Rely On
March 21, 2017
I have been working with a consumer goods e-commerce client for more than 2 years now, overseeing their global marketing efforts through and through. When I ...
Attention Content Strategists — 8 Smart Moves for 2017
Janet Anthony
March 14, 2017
The digital world does not stop. It evolves faster than any other phenomenon we have experienced in our time. And content strategists are as caught up in thi...
The Only 2 Things That Matter in Any Marketing Calendar
Meeta Sharma
February 14, 2017
As a content marketing professional, the first thing you are introduced to in the job is the marketing calendar. Typically an excel sheet of tactical plans p...
How to Leverage the Power of Gamification for Your Marketing Needs
Alex Moore
January 31, 2017
A whopping 25,000 likes, 10,000 shares, and 6,000 comments — these figures are evidence of the power of gamification as proven by M&M in their onli...
Ticket Deflection 101: How a Knowledge Base Will Save You Money
Robin Singh
January 10, 2017
Many companies have user software, whether it is a game or useful application, as their end product. Ticket submission is an effective solution to keep in to...
’tis the Season for Holiday Marketing!
December 6, 2016
Working on your 2016 holiday marketing campaigns? Well, it’s about time anyway. It’s that time of the year when every marketing calendar in every company...
Beyond Youtube: Smart Alternatives for Your Video Marketing Campaign
October 4, 2016
There’s no denying that YouTube is the king of online video platforms. With estimated 300 hours of content added every single minute, it’s surely the fir...
Inbound Marketing Is Really Just Storytelling with a Purpose
Meeta Sharma
September 27, 2016
I remember my first job in marketing so well like it was yesterday. I started out as a senior content writer for a food start up that was still in the incuba...
4 Wonderful Digital Marketing Tips for Bloggers
September 20, 2016
A blogger constantly has to work to create a professional opportunity for themselves as well as to market themselves and their content to reach soaring heigh...
5 Free or Cheap Market Research Techniques for Small Businesses
July 5, 2016
Larger companies have a multi-million-dollar marketing budget to spend on nationwide advertising and focus groups, so that they can reach potential customers...
5 Tactics Necessary to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy
June 14, 2016
In order to make the most of your digital marketing efforts, you need to start off with a good website. One that can handle traffic and is mobile-friendly. N...