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The Biggest Digital Design Trends for 2018
Nika Goddard
May 22, 2018
We’re going to look at the designs that have taken a chance under their own volition, rather than the direction where the herd is going right now.
What Every Perfect Web Design Contract Needs
Meeta Sharma
January 23, 2018
If you are an agency or a brand, when it comes to web design, there’s really only two things that matter: form and function. And that’s precisely what you’ll end up asking of your web designers, as well.
5 Free Web Design Contract Templates You Should Keep Handy
Meeta Sharma
November 21, 2017
A successful project is one where everybody involved manages to deliver everything that they sign up for and in sync with the expectation set from day one.
How Sales Are Directly Dependent on the Design of Your Product
November 15, 2016
In our modern world with all the competition out there, you need to be creative and outstanding for your company to survive in the marketplace. Nowadays desi...
How to Design for Your Targeted Demographic
November 1, 2016
As a graphic designer, you aim to create visuals that resonate with your target audience. Imagine that you’re a visual “chef” and that your designs are...
3 Tips for Nailing Social Media Design Strategy
Meeta Sharma
March 3, 2015
From one social media manager to another, you know this bit is not easy. Everybody out there has spoken so much about social media marketing strategy, but I ...
25 Awesome Design Tools for Marketers
June 20, 2013
It’s a visual world we live in. Whether it’s social media or a website, users and followers respond to great design. We’re always hearing about how the...