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Marketing Project Management

Marketers, Did You Know You Can Scale Your Marketing Agency By Using a Task Management Tool?

March 29, 2013

As a Marketing Agency in 2013, navigating the ever changing terrain of online marketing with just email as your collaboration tool of choice, is next to impossible.

As new marketing techniques become the norm, agencies will need to equip themselves with the right tools to provide the kind of services clients have now come to expect.

So how can a task management tool help agencies scale?

They help save time:

Probably the biggest benefit of using task management tools is saving time and getting things done faster. With a task management tool, planning & managing campaigns becomes a breeze!

For instance, with Brightpod, teams can use ready-made marketing workflows to kickstart their campaigns instantly.

Imagine this — Jill plans various kinds of digital marketing Campaigns. At the beginning of every new campaign, she lists down all the tasks the team needs to accomplish before, after and during the campaign. It’s an important part of the planning process, but what if she could automate it?

That’s where a task management tool come in. For example, with Brightpod’s workflows, Jill can plan her campaigns with a single click. Also, with the ability to save custom workflows, she can tailor everything to the team’s needs.

They Improve Team Productivity:

One of the most obvious advantages of using a task management tool is the productivity boost it can give your team.

Myra, founder of a digital marketing firm, manages a team of 9 employees. Keeping everyone on the same page is difficult but with a task management tool Myra’s team has been a lot more productive than before.

How, you ask? With organized task lists, everybody knows about all the activities that have to be accomplished for a certain campaign. With each team member being assigned specific tasks, all everyone needs to do is concentrate on their tasks. There is no room for confusion or repetition.

The best part? Myra can track each team member’s productivity so she can pitch in wherever she needs to.

They help Reduce Cost & Increase Profits:

Using a cloud-based task management tool can help curtail expenses and lead to increased profit.

This is possible because task management tools provide a variety of services including task lists, collaboration & messaging, file storage etc. Not having to pay for all these services individually can help drastically reduce costs.

Also without the hassle of non-hosted software and the maintenance expenses it brings, a cloud-based task management tool is a surefire way to decrease costs.

They lead to Better Collaboration:

Let’s go back to Myra again for a second. With a team of 9 employees, she needs a better way to collaborate. After all, can you imagine an email thread involving 9 people!

With a task management tool, Myra can easily communicate with other team members and collaborate on campaigns. Another important aspect of her day to day work i.e. approving collaterals, designs and projects can be completely managed within a task management tool.

They help keep Clients in the Loop:

Keeping Clients informed and in the loop is imperative for a successful marketing agency. Most task management tools allow for collaboration with external parties like clients and freelancers.

With Brightpod, teams can simply rope in clients via email as well as add freelancers as members with limited permissions.

Like I said, the marketing landscape is changing exponentially. Only the marketing agencies that can adapt and stay effective will be able to survive.

The right tools and techniques can help them do that and concentrate on the work that really matters. Let a task management tool handle the rest!

Do you use a task management tool? How has it made you more productive?

Managing marketing projects shouldn’t be chaotic —Try Brightpod for free and start focusing on what matters.

Sahil Parikh

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