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Save Time With Our Special Holiday Workflows

November 28, 2016

Your team’s holiday season doesn’t have to be hectic.

As a holiday gift to our customers, we have created two brand new holiday themed workflows to help you save time, work smart, and be organized during this holiday season.

Our pre-created Holiday Social Media Campaign and Spread Holiday Cheer workflows let you know what you need to do. And it’s not just our idea, it’s backed by MailChimp’s Holiday Tips that provides extra information and MailChimp ideas!

It’s only 3 clicks to set up your holiday happiness project.

  1. Create a new pod from a workflow.
  2. Select your holiday workflow.
  3. Enter in your own personalized pod (project) name.

That’s it. You’ll be ready to start planning, launching, and wrapping up the holidays.

Have your customers be happy during the holiday season by working smart with Brightpod.


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