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Top 9 Marketing Blogs for 2018

March 27, 2018

Managing marketing projects shouldn’t be chaotic — Try Brightpod for free and start focusing on what matters.

We interviewed over 150 marketers to understand the tips and tricks to their productivity and how they manage to bring their marketing A game to work every day. No points for guessing, all marketers we interviewed exhibited one common trait - a daily habit to read at least one blog article, view a video or listen to a podcast either at work or during their commute. We compiled all that data together and here’s a list of their top blogs they religiously follow and read every day.


If you’ve been around for a while you are most definitely familiar with TechCrunch. Started in June 2005, TechCrunch is your number one guide for all things technology, providing breaking technology news, opinions, and analysis on tech companies from around the world, both publicly traded and emerging startups. As a startup marketer you want to be ahead of what’s the latest in tech, especially marketing tech and this is the place to find all that information. Spend a couple of minutes daily reading through their latest news and soon you’ll find yourself as the conversation starter at your workplace.


Buffer app is a social media management platform for marketers. The buffer team manages a blog called the Buffer blog. Packed with useful insights on social media marketing, it should be your go-to resource for learning new tips and tricks to better manage your brand’s presence on social media. They often blog about company culture, productivity but a good part of their blogs are in-depth articles (supported by data) with actionable social media advice.


Intercom is a customer messaging platform and inside intercom is their blog where team members share their thoughts primarily about customer support, but also about marketing, designing for customer experience, product management, and startup advice. Why is this important for marketers? Because today you cannot separate customer support from marketing. Learning to deliver a good customer experience is sure to guarantee marketing success.


The Moz blog is the most popular inbound marketing and SEO blog of our times that provides tips, tricks, and advice for not just improving websites but also doing better at search, social, content and brand marketing. Their most popular blog category which you cannot miss is the ‘Whiteboard Friday’ - a series of educational videos released every Friday around very specific SEO topics.


Neil Patel is the co-founder of marketing software companies like Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. His blog helps readers develop expertise in a wide range of marketing topics including (but not limited to) conversion rate optimization, e-commerce, and email marketing. His articles are particularly famous for their in-depth, comprehensive coverage of various internet marketing tactics full of helpful screenshots. And when we say comprehensive, we mean taking it to the next level of comprehensiveness. Check out his most shared article and you’ll know what we are talking about: 82 Content Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier


Seth Godin is an American former dot-com entrepreneur and best selling author of 18 books. He mainly writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, leadership and changing everything. His style of blogging is publishing short insightful posts on a daily basis that get you thinking about the status quo and inspire you to innovate.


A popular blog on creating sustainable growth in marketing. The blog focuses on low-cost and innovative alternatives to traditional marketing that deliver results. Plenty of ideal reads for startup founders and marketers who often find themselves working on tight budgets and with limited resources.


Fast Company is a monthly American business magazine published in print and online that focuses on technology, business, and design. If your preferred method to consume information is video than they have a separate section on videos covering the most trending stories.


A popular marketing, sales and customer success blog with more than 400000 subscribers from the folks who pioneered the inbound methodology. I guess that number of subscribers speaks for itself. Almost every marketer we interviewed listed the HubSpot blog as their top three favorite blogs.

Great! What’s next? Bookmark these sites and make sure you read something every day this year. Marketing is getting more and more exciting each year and you’d want to stay ahead of the game. Good luck!

Managing marketing projects shouldn’t be chaotic — Try Brightpod for free and start focusing on what matters.

Verus Pereira

Managing social media & digital marketing at Brightpod.

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