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4 Wonderful Digital Marketing Tips for Bloggers

September 20, 2016

A blogger constantly has to work to create a professional opportunity for themselves as well as to market themselves and their content to reach soaring heights. In order to generate more traffic to your blog and create a high user engagement, you need to generate quality content. Other than that, you also need the help of a few tools and tricks to make sure you’re giving your users exactly what they’re looking for and what they would like to read as well.

Most of the time, it doesn’t matter what quality content you manage to generate. As long as you are behind the latest social media changes, your blogging tactics will not nearly be as effective. Your blogging tricks and tactics need to be constantly refreshed in order to keep up with the growing changes, needs, and requirements of your audience.

Below are a few evergreen tips and tools to assist you which can ascertain that you always remain up to the mark and follow the latest changes accordingly.

Social Media Implementation

Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to market yourself without the assistance of social media. If your readers like what they read, it has pretty much become a general standard to share it on social media. To make your posts as socially enticing as possible, you need to include social media buttons and customize them in a way that they’re easily accessible.

One tool, called ClickToTweet, prompts your user to share your content throughout your blog. This has two benefits. One benefit is that it’ll better ensure that your viewers will actually read your entire post and the second advantage it grants you is the opportunity to engage with your viewers and maximize your conversation. Adding prewritten tweets and embedded social media posts help facilitate your sociability.

Mind-mapping for Creative Ideas

Brainstorm ideas for your blog post and organize them. Use your headline as headquarters, and divide it into branches, i.e. the sub-headings. After doing that, you can add one or two lines or short sentences regarding what exactly you have in mind and how you’d further elaborate it. Creating an outline can help you make sense of what exactly should go in an article, and how you can go about filling up the blank spaces. Organizing your ideas systematically can help you increase your productivity as well as make your blog appear in a methodical and orderly manner.

Tools such as MindMeister help you map an outline for your blog, following virtually the same process I just described. It further converts the min-map into a text outline, and then you’re free to edit it as you please. You can also add links, images, diagrams, or graphs to support your points.

Up to Date User Queries

It helps to gain insight into what people are actually looking for. By looking at what the audience wants, you gain a certain advantage over your competitors. It’s because people have a general thought foremost in their mind and are actively searching for related topics. Your content strategy should always revolve around what your readers want to hear about. Being up to date with the latest trends gives you a special lead in the market.

Twitter specifically has categories which show what’s trending lately so you can also get ideas from there. You can even use Google Trends to provide you with the latest insights and search queries. The plus point is that you receive results backed by data regarding what’s being searched the most. Hot Searches show that what’s trending lately and regarding different countries and their market spans.

You can type your keywords in the search bar revolving around what you want to search for, and you can see which keywords are also increasing in search rankings. I’m writing more about keywords in the next point.

Search Engine Marketing

Blogs are a huge resource to drag your clients and attract them. This can be done by optimizing your search engine so that your blog pops up on Google’s search list. This can be done in a number of ways. First of all, you need to identify your audience and who you also hope to target. By creating original content regarding the interests of the readers you’ve generated, you can use keywords to attract new readers to your blog posts.

By using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, you can learn what word or phrase holds the most value in monthly searches. This tool also suggests related keywords and phrases which can further enhance your SEO ranking and gain an insight into your search terms either.

When you write a blog post, always keep in mind how people are going to find it useful enough to share and what you can stand to benefit from it. Marketing yourself or your startup can prove to be incredibly challenging as trends change so quickly, leaving your old methods ineffective. It’s great to showcase your personality in your posts and give an indication to the communal nature of your business. Following these simple tips, you’re sure to keep up with the latest trends and generate quality content for your readers.

Ashleigh Everston is an experienced article writer cum blogger who has written different kinds of informative articles on her own blog Dissertation writing help from Peaks. Apart from writing she loves to spend time with friends and relatives.


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