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5 Tactics Necessary to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

June 14, 2016

In order to make the most of your digital marketing efforts, you need to start off with a good website. One that can handle traffic and is mobile-friendly. Now, if you want to sell products and services, having a website just isn’t enough. You need to attract visitors who you can convert into customers. This requires careful planning and consistent work. This is something every entrepreneur needs to know. If you are interested in beefing up your digital marketing tactics, here are five necessary actions to take right now.

Write out your strategy

This may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how easy it is to fall off the wagon if you don’t have a written out and visible strategy. This has to be something more than just verbal. It’s a wonder why only few companies take the time to document their strategy when it can be done in a matter of minutes. According to NetJumps International, only 35 percent of content marketers have a documented content strategy. Why is this an effective approach with regard to digital marketing? This is because it can help you to consistently stay on course.

Determine your target audience

One thing successful digital marketers have in common is their strategies are highly targeted. One of the most crucial steps, you need to take, is to understand the interests of your customers. What are they most likely to type in a search engine? Why would they visit your site? Having the answers to these types of questions will help you target your marketing strategy more directly towards people who are open to making a purchase, signing up or contacting you directly. You also need to drill down on your target audience. Instead of saying your content targets 30-year-old males, you should make it more specific such as you target 30-year-old males in Indianapolis who ride bikes and work several freelance jobs. This gives you a focus you wouldn’t have had if you focused only on the age of your target market. Now, you’re creating strategies that take into account location and socioeconomic factors.

Build trust

All human relationships are built on trust. This is especially true in business where money is exchanged for value. As a result, your customers need to be at the heart of every single business decision. In order to build long-term loyalty, you need to incorporate tactics of transparency. This means you should be transparent about customer data, where it is stored, where it is being kept, how it is being used and for how long it is kept. You should also let your customers decide what data gets stored. The worst thing you can do is buy or sell second-party data on unsuspecting customers. This tactic can backfire in an instant. Building trust rests on integrity, ethics and honesty. Respecting the customer’s right to control their digital lives will go a long way.

Ensure your content is relevant, unique and of high-quality

There isn’t a reason for visitors to come to your site if it doesn’t hold their interest. Having a website blog will make it more attractive to your visitors. In addition, if you want to improve your SEO, then you must make content first. A strong internal linking structure will keep the user’s interested, while provide them a lot of content. You also have to create new content regularly to keep regular visitors engaged and give search engines new information to update. This means that your content must be unique. Yes, you can update old articles with new facts and changes in the industry. Although, if your blog is like any other blog then there would be no reason for your visitors to stay and research. They want something new and intriguing. Give them that.

Stay flexible

If there are any guarantees in the markets, it is that they do shift. When that happens, the tendencies and preferences of your customers and readers will also shift. So, in addition to being targeted and unique, you need to be flexible. You should have a digital marketing strategy that can pivot at a moment’s notice. Customers will flock to strategies that stay in step with their needs and wants. If not, they will move on and leave you behind. Think of all the customers that refused to change with the times. How many of them are still around?

Digital marketing strategies are everywhere. Yet, many of them are plain average and irrelevant. If you want to stand out, it takes more than something that is just run-of-the-mill. It requires, thought, planning, research and foresight. Just a little bit of extra effort can turn into a world of results. So, don’t settle for any digital marketing strategy. Make yours targeted, unique, documented and flexible. At that point, get ready to see a stream of loyal customers in your future.

Katrina Manning is a technical and web writer/editor and part of the team in SEO Service Crew, a fastest growing digital marketing company in Texas.


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