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June 7, 2013

Another week gone by and I have another set of great posts to spruce up your weekend reading. This week you can read more about

17 Essential Content Templates and Checklists

Is your content marketing in dire need of a rehaul? This post has a combination of very useful templates to help you turnaround your content efforts.

How to Get New Content Hires Up to Speed

With the amount of focus marketing departments are placing on content marketing teams, training new hires has gained a whole lot of importance. If you’re looking for a quick guide to training new hires effectively, this post offers some great advice including introducing them to buyer personas, creating a style guide and introducing them to your industry.

What Anonymous Can Teach You About PR

In this insightful article, you can learn more about the key differences between marketing and PR (a distinction many marketers forget from time to time) and see what Anonymous, the hacking collective did right when it comes to PR.

How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign (from Scratch)

For marketers looking to get started with a Google Adwords campaign, this is the go-to guide. This post covers competitor research, search and display networks and well basically everything a beginner needs to begin.

Enhanced Campaigns: How to Optimize AdWords Campaigns for Desktop AND Mobile

Earlier this year, Google AdWords released new Enhanced Campaigns to simplify the management and measurement of mobile search advertisign campaigns. This post by Hubspot delves deeper into how you can use enhanced campaigns to optimize search advertising campaigns for desktop as well as mobile.

How to Build Links to Your Blog — A Case Study

This is a fantastic case study that showcases how one can effectively build links for their blog by correctly identifying link targets, guest blogging as well as social advertising. This one is a must read!

That’s it for this week, marketers. Happy reading and have a great weekend!


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