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Blogger Love for Brightpod

April 24, 2013

This last week was a whirlwind for us. Along with our public launch, we also received some fantastic feedback, a wonderful bunch of new, engaged users and some great mentions in the blogosphere.

It’s always great to know when you’re appreciated and these reviews were the icing on the cake last week :) Brightpod has been consistently growing and is gaining recognition as a ridiculously simple task management tool for marketing teams.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Take theirs:

Blogger Love for Brightpod

Steven Millward from Techinasia in his article, Get Your Social Marketing Project Management on Track with Brightpod, mentioned:

“Among lots of useful Brightpod features are workflows that can be cloned and automated across different projects or campaigns, a daily digest email of the previous day’s work, an intuitive card-based layout, and an area for things that need particular attention from a team member. It looks like the kind of thing that this blog could use as well, rather than our lumpen Google Docs-based editorial spreadsheet.

Techcircle’s Rashi Varshney in her post, Morpheus’ startup Synage’s new task management product Brightpod to go off private beta next week, added:

“It is specifically designed for marketing executives, where they can create new pods (projects) or switch between pods. Other than this, it has tabs like Activity, Focus, Team and Attention. This app provides a central location to the team to organize add teams, set focus etc. The company can also involve clients without them logging in.”

Our Founder, Sahil, was also interviewed by Srinivas Kulkarni of Zdnet in the post, How simplicity makes collaboration easier with Brightpod, where Srinivas mentioned:

“Using Brightpod is very easy and doesn’t need much time to get around it. It’s a good tool to cut down on all the confusion and clutter caused by long email chains while working with teams and clients on the same project. Plus, its neat and clean UI is a joy to use…. The whole experience is simply intuitive.”

In his post on, Synage Software launches BrightPod, a collaboration tool for marketing teams, Jubin Mehta said:

“Brightpod already has more than 150 companies using the software. Having undergone a long beta phase, Brightpod has iterated and launched in the present form which has some useful features like the recurring tasks and editorial calendar.”

These reviews are a small indication that Brightpod really does make task management and collaboration simple for marketing teams. To learn how, you can sign up for a free, 30 day trial on

P.S. — A big thanks to all the bloggers that took the time out to test and review Brightpod!

Sahil Parikh

Building Brightpod, playing golf 🏌🏽 and traveling the world 🌏

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