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New Features: WYSIWYG Editor, Task Types, Task Status, Re-Designed Task Details, Performance…

August 13, 2015

It’s been a productive couple of months for us at Brightpod. We have added a bunch of changes to Brightpod. Some of these are visual and the others are behind the scenes performance enhancements.


We are introducing a WYSIWYG Editor for the Pod (Project) description. You can now make text bold, italics, underline and even add a list and a heading. We will be rolling out the WSIWYG editor to all other sections in the coming weeks.

Brightpod HTML Editor

Customizable Task Types

You asked for it and we delivered. Now, task types are fully customizable from the Settings page (Admins only).

Manage Task Types

You can add your own task type and even choose an icon for it. Then, you can tag a task with any of your task types. Task types are helpful when you want to categorize a particular task as a “Blog Post”, “Podcast”, “Bug”, “Creative” etc. It helps to have another dimension to how you organize your work.

Task Types

Re-designed Tasks

The task details page and the flow view has been re-designed to be simpler, cleaner and lighter. All action links have been moved to the right side.

Task Details

Here is what the Flow view looks like with the task status (have added a few more statuses) and task type.

Task Flow

Settings & Account

A single drop down called “Settings & Account” (top right corner of the app) will include your Profile, Settings and Account information. This is the only place you go to customize or make changes to your account.Performance Enhancements

By reducing a number of HTTP calls, optimizing code and serving fonts and stylesheets using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) the performance of Brightpod is a lot better — pages across the app should now load faster. Next up will be to minimize all css and javascript and add caching.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for many more updates in the coming months. We are working on a Harvest integration, rolling out the WYSIWYG editor to other sections and working on the mobile version of Brightpod.

Sunil Shenoy

At Brightpod, I work on programming new features, maintaining existing features and designing user interface.

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