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Personalizing Guide: Logo, Profile, Project Colors, Kanban Board and Languages

February 6, 2014

I love personalizing the software I use. It makes me feel that I actually own the software and it is built and designed just for me and my team. With that in mind, I wanted to take you through the various options in Brightpod.

Upload Your Company Logo

Let your team feel like they are one.

Upload Company Logo

Display Your Company Name

Your company name is set when you create a new Brightpod account. We display it prominently on the top left corner when you login. Since you can have the same login for multiple Brightpod accounts (lets say you are a freelancer working with many customers) this makes it super easy to identify which account you are currently working with.

Company Name

Your Profile Picture

The web is an impersonal medium and especially when you are working remotely. Profile pictures lets you feel like a team and puts a bit of a human touch.

Profile Pics

Project Colors

Each project can have a color associated with it.

Project Colors

This color helps you identify your projects on the Calendar and other places in Brightpod.

Project Color Calendar

Flow View Kanban Board Background

We have 4 colour swatches to choose from and so you can adjust the background colour of the Flow view to suit your taste.

Flow View Colors

Choose Your language

Brightpod is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Hindi. Each of your team members can choose a different language. Now, this is really global.

Choose Language

Enjoy customising your Brightpod account!

Sahil Parikh

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