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The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Checklist for Beginners [Infographic]

August 7, 2013

As a beginner, Facebook Advertising can seem pretty overwhelming. There are multiple ad formats, advanced targeting options, best practices for images, titles & ad text and don’t even get me started on bidding strategies. With the right planning though, it can be a lot easier to get started.

It’s with this in mind that we created a swanky new infographic with the Facebook Ads checklist that you can use and share with the rest of your team.

Brightpod Facebook Advertising Checklist

You can also use Brightpod’s new Facebook Advertising Workflow!

We also launched an all new workflow in Brightpod yesterday, to help marketers plan & implement Facebook ad campaigns instantly. With this ready-made workflow, you can create a new project in Brightpod and assign tasks to your team members instantly — no creating tasks from scratch!

Facebook Ads Workflow

Workflows are great even for experienced marketers. You can use and re-use this workflow whenever you need. For those of you managing client campaigns, you know how tiresome creating and editing tasks can be, but workflows can save you a whole lot of effort and time.

Facebook Ads Pod

Project management software for smart marketing teams.

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