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11 Business Writing Tools That Will Give You The Edge At Work

November 8, 2016

If you’re looking to compete at work, improving your business writing skills is the key to success. Why? Because the majority of your communication at work is done online. It’s easy to be misconstrued or misunderstood from your written messages. Learning to write clearly and concisely means you’re at a much lower risk of this. Here’s eleven tools that will help you improve those business writing skills.

1. Whitesmoke: This is a great all in one tool to start correcting the errors you make in your writing. Whitesmoke will pick up on spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation and style, making it incredibly valuable to any business writer. It also hosts a database of letter and email templates, as well as an extensive plagiarism checker.

2. Boom Essays: Any writer will tell you that they key to good writing is good proofreading. Before you send anything, you should check it over first to ensure no errors slip by you. If you don’t have the time to proofread, this writing service can help. Send your work to them and they’ll proofread and edit it for you. When they send it back, it’ll be ready for publication.

3. Email Excellence: The most communication you’ll do these days is by email, so you need to make sure that you’re making a good impression. This website will give you pointers on how to put together emails that capture the reader’s attention and leave them wanting more from your company. There’s also a good collection of email templates too, which are free to use.

4. Mail Mentor: This is one of the quickest ways to check the quality of your email before you send it. Write or paste your email into the text box provided, and it will give you instant feedback on your writing. You’ll see where you’ve made spelling and grammar errors, as well as a readability score.

5. BPlans: Are you looking to start a business? You’re going to need a business plan. This site helps by offering several useful templates, including ones for business plans and pitch presentations. There’s also lots of helpful blogs and advice on how to get started and go the distance on your own.

6. XMind: When you’re thinking up new ideas, you need a way to record them. This mind mapping software could be just the thing. There’s free and paid for versions, so even if you’re just starting out you’ll be able to use this. Use the mind maps to focus your thinking and really narrow down what will make you successful.

7. Essay Roo: If you’re in charge of delivering training, you’ll need to create new training materials every time you deliver a session. However, it’s time consuming, and you just don’t have that kind of time to spend on the project. Instead, hand it to these writers. They’ll create them for you in time for your session, and you’ll know they’ll be top quality.

8. ProWriting Aid: This writing checker goes really in depth into what makes your writing great. Paste it in, and it will give you all kinds of feedback. For example, it will cover basic spelling errors and grammatical problems, but it’ll also weed out any uses of cliché or overused words. If you’re serious about improving your writing, this is the tool to use.

9. UK Writings: The best writing is that that’s been checked over by another person. After all, they can pick up on errors that you may have missed. However, sometimes it just isn’t possible to get someone else to check your work. Everyone’s busy, after all. Instead, send it to these writers. They know what makes good writing, so they can offer their expert opinion and give you pointers for changes, if you need them.

10. Daily Grammar: Do you struggle with your grammar? Then this is the place to be. Daily Grammar offers hundreds of grammar quizzes and tests, to help you improve your grasp of English grammar. Before long, you’ll find you’ll be writing pieces that are of much better quality. If you want daily reminders, you can subscribe to their email service, too.

11. Gorgias: Good writing skills are needed most when you’re interacting with customers. Offering a good, cohesive service is difficult when you’re talking to them over several different mediums. This service helps by giving you one dashboard to work from. No matter how a customer chooses to contact you, you’ll see all of your conversations with them in one place.

These are just a few of the tools you can find online to improve your writing. Try them out for yourself, and see just how much you’ll improve. It doesn’t take very long each day, and you’ll be amazed at how well you do.

Mary Walton is a professional editor from Santa Monica, read her recent blogs at Simple Grad.


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