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7 Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating Killer Interactive Content

August 8, 2017

Online marketing has one huge advantage over the traditional forms of marketing: it engages the audience. Your audience interacts with your publications and calls to actions. However, it’s not uncommon for the promotional content to come across as dry and uninspiring. In such case, it’s left without the expected likes, shares, and comments. That’s a scenario every digital marketer wants to avoid.

The audience is there. They are willing to interact with online content. What’s the only thing left to do? Provide that content they will want to engage with! Fortunately, there are tons of platforms that enable you to create interactive content without much effort. When you incorporate few of these in your marketing strategy, you’ll notice how you’re attracting a bigger audience.

Colin Richards, a marketing expert from SuperiorPapers, explains that the creation of attractive interactive content doesn’t have to cost a lot of money: “You don’t have to match the practices of corporations, you know. If you’re promoting a small business, it’s okay to go for a more affordable tool that lets you create effective interactive content. When you use it the right way, the results might be even better.”

In consultation with Mr. Richards, we chose 7 tools for creating interactive content. They are all easy to use. Some of them cost some money, but have huge potential to return the investment. Some (and you’ll be happy to know this) are completely free.

1. Apester

This is an online marketing platform that allows you to create quizzes, personality tests, polls, and even videos. These interactive units are called VoicRs. You won’t spend much time learning how to use Apester. All information you need is available in the Apester Help Center. Check out the examples of best practices, so you’ll get ideas on how to use the potential of the platform.

Now, the big question: how much does it cost? Apester is free!

2. Riddle

The tool is labeled as a quiz creator, but it also allows you to create surveys, polls, personality tests, and lists. You can use the tool on your smartphone or tablet, so you’ll be creating fabulous interactive content on the go.

You can try the tool for free to see if you like it. The basic plan, which is recommended for bloggers, costs only $9 per month, and the plan for small businesses costs $49 per month. An Enterprise package is also available for $249 per month.

3. Playbuzz

You know how important storytelling is for modern-day marketing, right? You connect with your audience by sharing stories, examples and experiences. Thanks to Playbuzz, you can make that process interactive. In addition to interactive stories, you can also use the tool to create a gallery quiz, ranked list, flip cards, personality quiz, poll, list, and other types of content. All of this comes for free.

4. SnapApp

This is a premium platform for creating gorgeous interactive designs. Although the result is impressive, the tool is still easy to use, since you can base the design on a premade template. You can use SnapApp to create calculators, interactive videos, knowledge tests and quizzes, brackets, galleries, polls and surveys, contests and sweepstakes, and personality tests.

As for the prices, they don’t fall in the affordable range. The starter package costs $1,650 per month. If you’re ready to invest in truly amazing interactive content, the tool is definitely cost-effective.

5. QuizRevolution

QuizRevolution — Addictive Engagement. That’s the motto of this tool. It’s one of the most popular quiz makers, and the reason for that status is simple: it works. In addition to quizzes, you can also use it for creating surveys.

If you’re looking for a cheap or free tool and you want to create and publish interactive content within minutes, this is the right deal. There’s a free version of the tool. If you opt for the Premium plan of $10 per month, you’ll get an ad-free experience, as well as useful analytics.

6. ContentTools

With this tool, you can get awesome quizzes, calculators, infographics, maps, contests, eBooks, and other types of content in an interactive format. The best part is that you won’t bother creating them. If you don’t have time for crafting interactive content and you want to delegate that responsibility, you can rely on the ContentTools team. They will give you an affordable quote for each project you have in mind.

7. Ceros

Now, this is something different. Instead of creating interactive content from scratch, you can use your existing content and add interactive elements to it. Of course, Ceros also allows you to craft completely new interactive content from scratch. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to create microsites, eBooks, infographics, banners and lookbooks, and even magazines.

The prices start from $3,000 per month, so no, we can’t call it an affordable tool. However, it’s one of the best ones for creating interactive content, hence the higher price. You’ll have to message the team to get more information about the pricing plans.

Content is no longer the king; interactive content is!

Interactive format engage the audience at a whole new level. Now that you have a great selection of tools to experiment with, there’s no point of making excuses. All tools suggested above are easy to use. If you’re new to this, you can start with the free ones and make your progress from there.

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Joan Selby

Joan Selby is a content marketer, former teacher and fancy shoe lover. She’s a writer by day and reader by night.

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