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6 Awesome Digital Marketing Articles you must read this weekend!

March 15, 2013

“There is a marketer in each of us” — The Brightpod team

It’s been a great week at the Brightpod HQ and as the week comes to a close, I’ll leave you with 6 super helpful marketing articles to keep you engaged over the weekend.

Here you go:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Your Pinterest Marketing Success -  In this in-depth post by Hubspot, you can take a look at how to take advantage of Pinterest’s recently released analytics and understand how pinterest is contributing to your marketing efforts.
  2. 5 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn Company Pages - This is a great post by Social Media Examiner that showcases how some of the biggest brands in the world, like Facebook, are using Linkedin’s company pages. Read it to see how you can revamp your company’s linkedin page and get some cool new ideas.
  3. 5 Blog Post Types That Will Increase Reader Engagement - For all the Content Marketers out there, this post from Adhere Creative has great tips on how you can improve your Blogging strategy and find more content ideas
  4. When It Comes to Analytics, Are You Doing Enough - From the SEOmoz blog, this is a thought provoking post on whether Marketers are really doing enough with their data. It talks about how Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics should play a part in your Analytics.
  5. 7 Scientifically-Backed Copywriting Tips - This one from Copyblogger is an extremely interesting take on the science behind copywriting and why certain techniques work. Definitely a must read.
  6. 11 Common A/B Testing Myths BUSTED - This is another post from Hubspot that outlines some of the most common myths marketers harbour about A/B testing and mentions some insightful facts on why these myths are untrue.

So there you go. We’ll keep bringing you more such awesome articles from the digital marketing sphere every week — Stay tuned!

Happy reading marketers. Be awesome!

Sahil Parikh

Building Brightpod, playing golf 🏌🏽 and traveling the world 🌏

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