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How Marketers Stay Productive: Talia Shani of Yotpo

January 29, 2015

This week we feature Talia Shani, Content & People Person at Yotpo. Yotpo is a marketing platform for eCommerce stores. Yotpo helps online stores generate reviews for their products and use these reviews to drive sales.

In this interview, you can read more about her work at Yotpo, favorite marketing tools, productivity tips as well as her advice for budding marketers.

Your location: Tel Aviv.


You start your day with: Texting the team that I’m running late.

Your favorite time-saving trick: Boomerang any email that doesn’t need to be dealt with urgently.

“Learn when to say no. When you take on too much, you can’t get anything done.”

Describe an average day at Yotpo?

I’m guessing everyone tells you there is no average day : )

Every day is different and great because the company is growing and moving so fast.

My team supports the whole company with content, so on a given day we can be doing anything from sitting with developers to go over in-product content for a new feature, meeting with Biz Dev about a campaign for the next conference, having a blog brainstorming session or drafting the language for a client survey.

As a marketer, what is your favorite productivity hack?

I wear headphones!

We work in a big open office so it’s very social, which is great. But when I’m in crunch-mode I wear headphones, and I find it sort of keeps people from approaching. The weird thing is, I’m not listening to any music because it totally messes with my concentration.

As a person who is well-versed with online marketing/ inbound, I’m sure you rely on a few marketing tools to automate your efforts. What are the top 3 tools you use?

Intercom is amazing for connecting with current users to get feedback, do research or make product announcements.

For the blog, we use CoSchedule which is indispensable for content scheduling and collaboration.

I don’t know how we did anything with our design team before we started using Invision. It makes it super easy to give feedback on designs and solicit it from others when we need a second or third opinion.

It’s also worth mentioning that all these companies have great content so they double up as inspiration as well.

Your company has a growing community of users. How do you use this treasure trove of customer insight to power your marketing efforts?

As a reviews solution, we’re all about feedback, so there is a lot of stuff that we do as a company to get feedback which helps improve our product and service.

As far as what specifically helps with marketing, we get an email every time a client cancels with the reason why they cancelled their account. This can be super-interesting as a marketer — I get to learn about their pain points and where we failed to get value across with our messaging.

What is your strategy for getting people to your site and then converting them to a customer?

Right now, we’re in the middle of a massive site redesign. The goal is to create a site that really shows the value of Yotpo. The feedback we get from client-facing teams is that people don’t want to hear about every individual feature so much as they want to hear what it can do for them. Our company has changed a lot in the past few years, but our website hasn’t — so we are trying to reflect that.

Is there any advice you’d like to give to budding marketers to help them work smart and stay productive?

This is advice I wish I could take myself, but it would have to be “Learn when to say ‘no’.” When you take on too much, you can’t get anything done.

A big thanks to Talia for taking the time out to answer these questions! If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you check out Yotpo.

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